March 5, 2021
  • 3:28 pm The Picturebooks: : Release special collaboration song and video with Dennis Lxyzén from Refused! YouTube video premiere today at 18.00pm CET!
  • 3:26 pm Lucifer: : pays tribute to Marky Ramones first band DUST on their brand new split single with KADAVAR!
  • 7:05 am Denmark’s Iotunn releases new album, ‘Access All Worlds’, worldwide
  • 7:00 am Cannibal Corpse launches video for “Inhumane Harvest”
  • 12:42 pm Eyehategod: : Release "Circle Of Nerves"

The Ulfhednar is the brand new release by Skuld. The album features a collection of black metal track that will be appreciated by fans of raw black metal. The album has also an experimental side especially on the guitar work. A solid songwriting is what “The Ulfhednar” can offer and the listener who is searching […]